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Learn about other great organizations like USA CARES and the 412th Civil Affairs Battalion  who we support through the Tribute to Troops event.

See how we’ve helped USA CARES and other local organizations, thanks to your support. Learn more

Join us for the Tribute to Troops! Find us here….Please use these directions instead of referring to other navigation methods .

Directions from intersection of U.S. 42 and Gene Snyder Freeway

Head east on U.S. 42 through Prospect

Pass Hunting Creek Subdivision on right and continue for approximately one more mile. U.S. 42 will narrow to 2 lanes where you will come up on Thornton’s gas station.

From Thornton’s, go approximately 2.2 more miles on U.S. 42 until you come to the intersection of Hwy. 42 and Hwy 1793.
Take a left on 1793, and go approximately 2.5 miles. Titan Marine will be on your left.

Look for the parking signs.